PIB153 - How to Set Realistic Instagram Follower Growth Goals for Your Account

January 23, 2019

Everyone wants more followers on Instagram, even businesses and brands.  But the question is: what is a realistic Instagram follower growth goal to have and what is truly achievable?  How much time and effort do you need to put into your account to reach your goals?  In this episode, learn exactly how much time you need to spend to reach your 1k or 10k follower goals on Instagram and what is the best goal for you to have for your business.


PIB152 - 5 Goals You Should Have for Your Instagram Account

January 21, 2019

What should the main goal of your business account on Instagram be?  Should you be focused on growing your followers or getting more likes and comments?  There are five main goals that you could have for your account on Instagram, but understanding which one is best for your specific business will make a huge different on not only the results you get but the impact you make on your following.  In this episode, learn all about what these five main goals are for Instagram and how to figure out which one is right for your business.


PIB151 - What Is a Good Long Term Instagram Strategy?

January 18, 2019

What is a good long term strategy when it comes to marketing a business on Instagram?  This question was submitted by a listener of the podcast.  Learn what kind of strategies you should be focusing on for your Instagram account and what will make a major different for your business on this platform this year.


PIB150 - Make This Year Count for Your Business

January 15, 2019

Setting goals and knowing where you want to be is SO important to the success of your business.  I outline what milestones and achievements I was able to hit last year and share some 2019 goals that I have for both my business and personal life in this episode of the podcast.

Make this year count so that when you look back on it you can think of it as a year that really made a difference in your life and who you are as a person!


PIB149 - New Years Is My Favorite Holiday!

January 14, 2019

New years is probably my favorite holiday!  While setting goals and working towards bettering yourself is something I believe we should work on all year round, I just love the energy that everyone seems to have around this time.  Use this energy for yourself so that you can build your business and really make this year count for you.  I definitely plan to!


PIB148 - How Parenting Is Just like Running a Business

November 14, 2018

Running a business can take so much work and patience!  This is just one of many reasons why it is scary similar to being a parent and having a family to manage and take care of.  In this episode we'll talk about why being a business owner and a parent are very similar and why this is important to notice and nurture in your life.


PIB147 - The Truth About Cyber Security and My Personal Story

November 12, 2018

Cyber security is a well-known problem that many businesses owners and people have to deal with.  What's lesser known is that hacking and cyber security is becoming more and more of a problem -- likely more than small business owners are actually aware of!  Learn how the current statistics and facts about cyber security and what you can do to make your Instagram account more secure in this episode of the podcast.


PIB146 - Are Followers on Instagram Really Important?

November 7, 2018

If you're a business or a brand and are trying to get more exposure and sales by using Instagram marketing then you've likely run across the common advice that you "need more followers".  Having a high number of followers on Instagram can help you build up your brand awareness, but is having a lot of them absolutely essential to your business success?  In this episode, we'll cover whether or not followers on Instagram are truly important and also go over a few strategies that you can implement to grow your following no matter what business you are in!


PIB145 - How to Repurpose Content for Instagram from Other Platforms

November 5, 2018

Figuring out what to publish on Instagram can sometimes be difficult!  Staying consistent and making sure you publish every single day is a whole other challenge!  In this episode of the show, you'll learn one strategy that will not only help you come up with ideas on what you can publish on Instagram -- but it'll also help save you time and connect with your followers!  Learn how to repurpose content for Instagram by using posts you've published on other platforms.


PIB144 - Why the Link in Your Instagram Bio Is so Damn Important

October 31, 2018

The link in your Instagram bio is one of the most important elements of your Instagram account.  Why is it so important?  It's the best way to keep the ball rolling with your followers and start turning them into potential clients and customers!  But what link are you supposed to use for your Instagram bio?

Listen to this episode of the podcast and find out why an Instagram bio link is so important and what link you should be using for your business.