PIB80 - How to Convert Instagram Followers into Paying Customers

July 17, 2017

Growing a following but want to figure out how to convert them into Instagram customers?  In this episode of the podcast I want to share with you 8+ ways you can push your Instagram audience towards becoming a great customer for your business.


PIB79 - 5 Opportunities You Could Be Using to Monetize Instagram

July 14, 2017

There are five different ways you can monetize Instagram and your account that you’ve worked so hard to grow and build.  This episode features an audience question on how to monetize your Instagram account and not only will you learn the different ways you can do it, but the steps you need to take to make them work.


PIB78 - 7 Valuable Ways a Local Businesses Can Have Success with Instagram Marketing

July 12, 2017

Instagram marketing can seem difficult when it comes to owning a physical brick and mortar shop or location — but it’s the exact opposite of what you would think!  This episode covers how a dentist (with a physical location) can market their business on Instagram and get locals through the front door.


PIB77 - 8 Direct Steps to 10,000 Instagram Followers in 4 Months

July 10, 2017

Want to reach 10,000 Instagram followers but have no clue where to start? I recently had a question from an audience member who wants to get her jewelry business account to 10k followers in just 4 months. This episode of the podcast is going to walk you through the step by step process of making that happen.  If you’re willing to put in the work, this is a very possible goal for you and your business.


PIB76 - Why Do I See the Message Instagram ‘User Not Found’?

July 7, 2017

You search for an account on Instagram, likely one that you’ve searched for before, and you suddenly run into the not so friendly message of Instagram “user not found”.  In this episode we talk about why you’re seeing this message and if there is anything that you can do about it.


PIB75 - What Is the Ultimate Way of Using Zapier and IFTTT in My Business?

July 5, 2017

Business automation is a hot topic now and tools like Zapier and IFTTT are making it just that much easier to set up beautiful systems and automations for entrepreneurs.  In a previous episode of the podcast, I shared these tools and mentioned that I like to use them in my business to automate some of my tasks and bulk up my workflows.  I recently had a podcast listener ask what “zaps” and “applets” I personally set up in these tools and how they play a role for my specific business.  In this episode I am going to list the exact business “recipes” I have set up using these tools and how you can do the same.


PIB74 - 3 Practical Ways to Use Instagram’s Link in Bio

July 3, 2017

The Instagram link in bio is the only link (other than ads) that is clickable on the Instagram platform, both on mobile and desktop.  Needless to say it’s important real estate for your business — and one you need to pay attention to!  In this episode I’ll explain what links you should use so that you can optimize your bio and use it to your advantage for your business.


PIB73 - What Is the Follow / Unfollow Instagram Strategy and Why Do People Do It?

June 30, 2017

There is a somewhat popular Instagram strategy that people use to grow their following and it's call the follow / unfollow strategy.  This strategy could be one of the causes for your loss of followers and I will explain why in the episode.  You will also learn what the strategy is, why people do it, and whether you should do it yourself.


PIB72 - Do You Need a Website for Your Instagram Business?

June 28, 2017

When you're trying to build your business and use Instagram marketing to do that, is it necessary to have a website?  Get the answer to this very common question on this episode of the Passion In Business Podcast.  Learn the pros and cons of having a website, how it can help you marketing your business on Instagram and alternative solutions you can use if you don't have a website.


PIB71 - 3 Startling Reasons You Are Losing Instagram Followers

June 26, 2017

You go to bed at night feeling pretty satisfied with yourself.  Not only did you get a ton of tasks done for your business in general, but you also spent hours working on your Instagram account and you can't wait to wake up in the morning to see the results of your hard work.  Only to find the next morning that you had LOST followers since the night before!  In this episode I'm going to talk about why you're losing Instagram followers, how it can actually be a good thing, and a few tips on how you can fix it.